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Waterside Market Traditional African Flavors

The roots of African cuisine goes back thousands of years to the Bronze Age. Aromatic African Cuisine is one of the most popular and diverse among all other cuisines and Waterside Market is one of the best destinations to taste these traditional African flavors. From fresh ingredients, herbs, spices and Africa’s favorite foods, we have something to offer for every palate.

Waterside Market

Why We Are Unique?


Taste For Everyone

We have an African aromatic taste for everyone who enjoys discovering different flavors. From unmatchable starters to desserts; there are a variety of dishes to choose from.


Of African Cuisine

We have hired the Masters of African Cuisine to prepare authentic foods just for you. With their years of experience and recipes from across the different parts of Marvelous Africa, there will be dishes for everyone to love.



We carefully select finest ingredients; herbs, spices and vegetables and meat. With every dish that you taste from our traditional menu, it’s like you’ve taken the African atmosphere home with you.


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